Monday, February 22, 2016

eText : Conditional NewLines

Continuing this series on my rants on eText template. I came across what looked like a pretty straightforward requirement from a customer. They wanted a conditional newline in the generated output. Instead of printing each XML record in a new line, the ask was to print four XML records in one text line. Batches of four. So a newline had to be printed after each 4 XML records.
If you refer to the Oracle documentation on the eText template, there is a place to specify the New Record charachter.

The instruction ‘Carriage Return’ inserts a new line charachter just before the command <NEW RECORD> appears in the template. So conditionally insert a new line in a template, the Carriage Return has to be set to NULL.
And then begins the tedious part. All through the template, whenever you need to insert a new line, you have to print the charachter using the CHR command.
Example:   image
Another One:  image

And to conditionally print a new line after 4 xml records, the MOD command has to be used to calculate the position. Like so:

Its tedious, but thats the only way to do it in eText.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Aaron’s Blog for TCC


There are not much sites/blogs that discuss Taleo’s Connect Client (TCC), the only documentation is on Oracle sites. But I ran into this really helpful blog, the most unlikely place you could find TCC tips. Aron Asberry’s blog has tonnes of TCC tips and fixes for standard errors.  This guy has 6 monitors running for his Taleo related work, surely a heavy weight.

Hope that helps !

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