Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Siebel Log files - Top Errors


I am working on a brand new Siebel implementation, and we are seeing a lot of errors..Really. Huge log files with repeating errors on them. If you increase the Siebel component logging to maximum, Siebel will spit out Warnings to Errors, and everything in between. It becomes difficult to find out where the actual problem is.

I figured one way is to find out the most commonly occurring errors. Fortunately, we are on a Linux server system. So a little bit of googling, and using linux’s many commands solved the problem.

Running this command in the ses/siebsrvr/enterprises/*/logs folder prints the top occuring errors in the last 10 log files in reverse order:

grep "SBL-" `ls –tr *.log | tail -10`   | grep -v "Warning" | grep -v ".spf" | grep -v 'err=' | cut -f 6-10 | uniq -c | sort  –n


Here is a screenshot of errors for me. The command ignores Siebel Warnings, and errors related to .spf files, and also some errors from source files.

Hope it helps !

And what about Windows you ask ? Well, Windows guys are on their own. You can download windows ports of Unix commands.

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