Friday, February 1, 2013

[FieldName.TransCode] (CrossPost)

While the whole world running for Open UI but I am still flagging my own old issues.Recently during performance improvement drive from my inner soul,  i read an interesting property while querying on Multilingual fields. If you know about TransCode function this post in not for you.

In Multilingual environment, with loads of records, querying on Multilingual field can be really taxing as these searches require a join to the S_LST_OF_VAL table in the resulting SQL code. To increase the performance one can append "TransCode" function with field name to retrieve the (untranslated) language-independent code (LIC) from a column in the base table, rather than returning the display value.
[Status.TransCode] = 'closed'

This function can be used in
1 - In Calculated Fields.
2 - In script. for ex. in GetFieldValue("Status.TransCode") statement
3 - In Workflows.
4 - In Link/Picklist searchspec.
5 - In DVM validation expression.

I am sure most of guys in siebel development will be aware of this thing but if you are not aware of this Transcode it can be helpful in future implementations.

Happy Crunching!!

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