Wednesday, April 18, 2012

View Layout Cache in Siebel Enterprise

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View Layout Cache in Siebel Enterprise:
This is a subject that comes up often enough in the classroom or in the office, so I thought we would post a short article about it. Before we begin, we need to set the scene. You are navigating through Siebel Call Center or whatever application you use, and you click Help - About View with the Shift key held down. Siebel will kindly tell you how the View Layout you were looking at was brought to you :
Not Cached :
Siebel View Layout Not Cached
Well, bad news. You are on a dynamic layout view (amongst other things, applets such as Explorer, Hierarchical, Dynamic Drilldowns, Personalization rules can all make the View Layout so dynamic as to be  ”uncacheable”). So the View Layout is never cached.
Server :
Server Cache  View Layout
Well, so we are getting somewhere. The View Layout was retrieved from the Server and Web Server Cache.
Memory :
Memory Cached View Layout
Potentially even better. The View Layout came from your Browser Cache. In fact, maybe you just got “Server” as the response, then returned to the same View a few seconds later. The Layout was now in your Browser cache, so you got it from the Browser not your Server. Cool!
Disk :
Cached View Layout from Disk
Your Siebel Object Manager on your Siebel Server has the WebTemplateVersion parameter set and there was no updated View Layout available, so the Persistent Disk Cache version was used. The View Layout you requested was found in the Browser Persistent Disk Cache. This may even have happened between sessions in the Application. Cool!
Digging around in your Browser cache folder will bring all sorts of interesting surprises if this is set up. For example, here is a cached HTML file that was in my Browser just after the previous session :
Cache Content
I guess the point here is to think about the different situations where this may impact us.
  • Testing Average Load Times
  • Testing Usage Scenarios and making Assumptions
  • Choosing View Layout Templates carefully
  • Putting Explorer or other dynamic Applets in Views
  • Clearing your Browser Cache
There are a number of parameters  both in the CFG side of things and in the User Preferences that can affect the overall behavior, so watch out and take note of the Bookshelf on the subject of Improving Performance.

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