Friday, March 9, 2012

View Refresh when clicking New Record in a view with Dynamic Toggle


Dynamic toggle applets were probably the first piece of automation a Siebel developer gets to work on; switch the applet depending on some field value. No scripting, nothing at the BusComp level, just Applet toggles. But issues crop in when the logged in user tries to create new record on the applet. Sometimes the view jumps or refreshes, specially when there are lots of applets stacked in the view. The user has to manually scroll down back to this target applet.

Oracle has a work around for this ‘defect’ documented here [ID 541100.1] , which involves loads of scripting at the applet and BusComp level. But I tried to come up with something with fewer lines of code.

Resulting solution: add the following code in the WebApplet_PreInvokeMethod section of the base applet as well as its toggle applets:


if (MethodName == "NewRecord")
return (CancelOperation);


Yep, I know, the code does not make sense at all. But for some reason, it works ! The view does not jump and the new record gets created right there in the applet. At at just 3 lines of code, it beats oracles long and elaborate code version.

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