Saturday, April 30, 2011

SQL Spools in Siebel and Trace commands

We have all been there; at some point or other, Siebel starts throwing SQL errors, or the application slows down due to some long running SQL statements.

“An error has occurred executing a Sql statement. Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration if the problem persists.(SBL-DBC-00105)”

The best way to figure out what went wrong is to spool out the actual SQL statement (could be query or insert/update or delete) which ran in the application.

You could turn on SQL spooling when the client starts using the /s option.
Or you could increase Log levels

Now both these options enables SQL spooling when the client itself starts; and the resulting file will contain every SQL statement which ran up until the error can be reproduced. Is there any way we can turn SQL logging on the fly, to spool up only the SQLs we want and ignore the rest ?

Turns out, there are script commands TraceOn and TraceOff, which can be used the spool out the SQL statements. Documentation can be found here.

We will have to start SQL tracing using script at the beginning of the even,and then stop it after the spooling is done. I found that these commands can also be used in COM controls.

So I have created a simple SQL instant spooler in Excel macros, which will do this for you, without the need for increasing log levels or writing scripts. I have tested it on Siebel 7.8 and Siebel 8.1 local and dedicated clients, and it works fine. All you need to do is

1) Open the Siebel local or dedicated client (does not work on the thin client)
2) Use the start and stop buttons on the sheet to enable SQL tracing.
3) The SQL which was run in Siebel between start and stop will be opened in notepad

You can download the SQL instant spooler here and try it out. You need to have Siebel installed properly and enable the macros on the excel when it is opened.

Cheerios !!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fusion Event : Free Online Training

via Antony Reynolds' Blog by antony.reynolds on 4/26/11

Virtual Developer Day

Oracle is providing a free online training session on the tools used to create Fusion Applications. 

Learn how Rich Enterprise Applications, powered by Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), are developed, assembled and configured using Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies like Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle WebCenter, Oracle BPM Suite, and Oracle SOA Suite. These applications uniquely deliver:

  • Desktop Quality, Multi-Channel User Experience
  • Integrated Collaboration and Social Computing Services
  • Enterprise Services like Content Management, BPM, Security and Entitlement
  • Integration with Business Processes and Oracle Applications

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Siebel 8.1 menu items not opening in IE 8.

Another issue I ran into in IE 8, regarding the Siebel 8.1 Mobile client. This issue was reproduceable on both debug and non-debug modes.

After the mobile client opened up fine, none of the menu items inside the UI framework would open. The menu items at each applet would not drop down, and even the Help->About View would not open up.

At first I thought the pop-up blockers were playing spoilsport again, but the problem persisted even after pop-up blockers were turned off.

Then , a colleague suggested making a change to the client CFG file. In my case, it was scomms.cfg.

1) Open the client CFG file.

2) Find this line :

               EnableFQDN               = FALSE

3) Change it to :

                EnableFQDN               = TRUE

And that fixed the problem !! I don't know what FQDN has to do with menu items, maybe its something wrong with the UI framework.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Siebel 8 debug mode problem with Internet Explorer 8 ?

The last few months have been some of the worse in my career so far. The hectic project schedule and huge amount of "last minute changes" left me very little time to relax. Hopefully, its all going to change soon.

I am working on Siebel 8.1, and had Internet explorer 7 running, which ran without any issues. After an upgrade to IE 8 (thanks to the IT guys), I found that the Siebel debug mode would no longer open. The IE window would open up and throw a  "page not found" error. But the Siebel client would open fine, when started via its own shortcut.

A little experimenting, and I found that inorder for the Siebel 8.1 debug mode to open up in IE, there should be no other instances of IE running. Just kill all other IE instances, and simulating the workflow should be fine.

Not sure if there is another way to fix this.

Siebel IP 18 - 2018 SOD

Oracle is going ahead and staying with Siebel. For now. They have just released the statement of direction for IP 2018. At a high level th...