Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Transaction Updated' is a required field. Please enter a value for the field.(SBL-DAT-00498)(SBL-EAI-04389)


'Transaction Updated' is a required field.  Please enter a value for the field.(SBL-DAT-00498)(SBL-EAI-04389)


This error occurs if there are system fields explicitly specified in the Business Component used to insert data into Siebel tables. Find the BC behind the integration object, and check if fields like Created or Updated are mentioned there. Inactivate them and it should work fine.


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  1. From your Siebel Tools please check whether you have created any of these new fields for columns "CREATED" , "CREATED BY" , "UPDATED" , "UPDATED BY". If you have created any fields and mapped it to the columns, please deactivate or undo the changes. If u want to get these details, Create new list columns or controls and you can see the same fields available in applet level. Do Not create any fields in BusComp for these columns.


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