Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Siebel IP 18 - 2018 SOD

Oracle is going ahead and staying with Siebel. For now. They have just released the statement of direction for IP 2018.

At a high level the document describes features and improvements:

  • Business agility - Siebel Composer enhancements for Web Tools and Parallel Development.
  • Enhanced deployment and migration options.
  • High Availability architecture with clustering support for the new Gateway
  • Integration improvement via enhancements to the REST API
  • Customer experience improvements with Open UI, including intuitive Dashboards
  • Industry innovations - Product Configurator, cross-Industry User Dashboards, Oracle Policy Automation, Real Time Scheduler and Siebel UCM improvements.
  • Autonomous CRM - Business Process Discoverer, Automated iHelp and Test Automation improvements

Access the Statement of Direction:

Innovation Pack 2018 (18.0) for Siebel CRM Statement of Direction / Planned Features (Doc ID 2328111.1)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Is it over ?

Today I came across a rather brave article predicting the end of cloud computing. It is a bold statement to make, but the author has clearly backed up his claim with facts. The biggest problem being any cloud system is a sitting duck when it comes to security. Interesting read.